GMUND - 356

Dimensions: Wheelbase (mm): 2100 - Length (mm): between 3850 (1950) and 4010 (1959). Width
(mm): 1660

1948 to 1949: Gmund Coupes- the 356's predecessor was first produced in July 1948. The aluminum-bodied Gmund Coupes used virtually all 1/1/1/ mechanicals from a four-speed gearbox to torsion bar
suspension, and\ of course, the Beetle-derived 40hp flat-four engine complete with twin Solex down-draft carburetors and 7.0:1 compression ratio. Drum brakes were fitted all-round.

1950: 'Pre-A' 356:- Following the move to Stuttgart, the 356's integral body was made of steel and the
design given a higher waistline than Gmund Coupes, with the distinctive V-shaped roof to accommodate its plit-screen. The 1.1-litre  engine now produced 40hp and, along with the other engines offered after 1952 was mated with Porsche's own four-speed gearbox.

1951: 1300cc and 1500cc (60hp) engines introduced.
1952: Split-screen front windscreen replaced with single piece window; bumpers mounted higher and further forward from body; rectangular rear tail lights replaced with circular items. 1500cc engine loses 5hp but is more refined and was the first engine to feature the 'Alfinger' crankshaft. 1500 S (70hp) engine
introduced. Fully synchronized gearbox fitted across the range. 1955:356A:- New engines and suspension altered. New curved 'V-screen' does away with the need to split the screen, vinyl replaces cloth inside. New dash, combined ignition/starter. New gearbox in 1957. Four Cam Carreras launched at the 1955 Frankfurt
Motor Show, these engines were directly  derived from racing technology, with GT-denoted models aimed specifically at  motorsport. They were dry sumped, had reduced compression ratios and revved much higher. The bodies around them were lightweight, making them very potent on the road for their day.

1959:356B:- 90hp 1600 introduced for Super 90 which gets 'compensating rear springs' to improve handling. Changes to bumper position, headlamps and numerous interior details.

1961: Larger rear window and engine cover  with twin air intakes introduced, electric sliding roof optional; 1600 S engine gets four-ring pistons, S-90 gets modified flywheel. 130hp Carrera 2 announced (introduced in 1962), featuring
Porsche-designed disc brakes.

1963:356C:- Reworked engines, clutch from Super fitted to  75 and 95hp models, disc brakes introduced all-around, rear compensating spring special order only, no external changes but there was a rethink of the interior details.

1964: Porsche takes control of Reutter and 356
C introduced, Roadster dropped from the  line-up.

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