993 (1993- 1998)

1993 to 1994: 1994 Model Year - Wheelbase (mm): 2272 Length/Width (mm): 4245/1735 (Carrera 45

and Turbo 1795mm) - Significant developments: 993 production begins in Jan 1994. Internal engine

upgrades increase power and torgue. Multi-link rear suspension is one of the biggest developments in the

91 l's history and transforms 993 into a more driver friendly sports cars. Four-piston brake callipers standard

front and rear. Two- and four-wheel drive offered across the range in either Coupe or Cabriolet guise. 1994 to

1995: 1995MY - Significant developments: Carrera RS introduced as is redesigned, all-wheel drive system

for Carrera and Tiptronic S with steering wheel-mounted shift controls for automatic gearbox. New 408hp four-

wheel drive, twin-turbocharged 911 Turbo is launched and includes a six-speed gearbox and hollow spoked

alloy wheels.

MODEL        TRACK (f/r mm)        WEIGHT    kg       ENGINE    Hp TORQUE     0-62      TOP SPEED

___________________________________________________cc__________(lb ft)________________(mph)

Carrera 2/4____1405/1444_________1370/1420_________3600___272___243____5.6/5.3_____168/162

Carrera RS____1413/1452_________1270______________3746___300___262____5.0_________172


1995 to 1996: 1996MY - Significant developments: VarioCam engines announced and up both power and

torgue; revolutionary sliding glass-roofed Targa introduced. Lightweight, 430hp, rear-wheel drive, homologation

special GT2 launched. It's the most powerful and fastest 911 production road car ever built. 1996 to 1997:

1997MY- Significant developments: 430hp Turbo S offered as run-out model with 450hp factory engine

upgrade also available. Turbo-bodied Carrera 2S built alongside Carrera 4S, but two-wheel drive obviously. It's

the last rear-wheel drive, air-cooled 911. 1997 to 1998: 1998MY- Significant developments: An end of an

era. Production of the all-wheel drive Carrera 4 and Turbo continues until July 1998 but when the last car

finally rolls off the production line (a Carrera 4S) it marks the end of air-cooled 911 production after 35 years.

The purists aren't happy, but it signifies a new dawn for Porsche.

MODEL        TRACK (f/r mm)        WEIGHT    kg       ENGINE    Hp TORQUE     0-62      TOP SPEED

___________________________________________________cc__________(lb ft)________________(mph)

Carrera 2/4_____1405/1444________1370/1420_________3600___285___251____5.2_________172

Carrera 2S/4S__1411/1504_________1450______________3600___ 285___251____5.2________172

Turbo__________1413/1452_________1270_____________ 3600___408___398____4.5_________180



996 (1997 - 2004)

1997 to 1998: 1998 Model Year - Wheelbase (mm): 2350 Length/Width (mm): 4430 (Turbo & GT2

4435)/1765 (Turbo & GT2 1830) - Significant developments: All-new water-cooled, 3.4-litre VarioCam six-

cylinder 'boxer' engines. Rear-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission or five-speed Tiptronic S at extra

cost. Traction control also available. Four-wheel drive Carrera 4 introduced at the end of the year along with

Porsche Stability Management (PSM). 1998 to 1999: 1999MY - stripped-out, 360hp GT3 introduced. GT1-

based engine helps create most focused 996 to date. Additional cooling for radiator, gearbox and engine

account for extra weight over standard Carrera 2. Available in 'Comfort' or 'Club Sport' trim, breaks

Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record for a production car (8mins 03sec). 1999 to 2000:2000MY - the new

911 Turbo arrives. Twin-turbocharged, water-cooled flat-six with VarioCam Plus develops 416hp through four-

wheel drive chassis. First 911 Turbo available with Tiptronic S. 996 - 2000 to 2001:2001MY - GT2 returns

with 462hp, rear-wheel drive, Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes and no PSM! Breaks production car lap record at

the Nordschleife (7min 46sec).

MODEL        TRACK (f/r mm)        WEIGHT    kg       ENGINE      Hp  TORQUE     0-62      TOP SPEED

___________________________________________________cc__________(lb ft)________________(mph)

Carrera 2/4_____1455/1500________1320/1430_________3387____300___258____5.2_________172

GT3___________1475/1495_________1350______________3600___ 360___273____4.8_________188

Turbo__________1465/1522_________1349_____________ 3600____416___413____4.2_________180


New 996 - 2001 to date: 2002MY - Significant developments: Second-generation 996 introduced. Engine

capacity grows to 3.6-litres, power increase to 316hp. Turbo's trip computer standard across range, as are

Turbo headlights. Cup holders fitted for first time. New Carrera 4S introduced with Turbo brakes, suspension

and wide-body. 996 Targa model launched with retractable sliding glass roof. 996 2003 to 2004:2003MY -

Significant developments: GT3 returns with 381 hp while the GT3 RS has the same power but weighs 20

kilos less thanks to carbon fibre body panels and a plastic rear window. Turbo and Carrera 4S launched as a

Cabriolet models, GT2 gets power hike to 483hp. 0-62mph time drops to 4.0 seconds, top speed climbs to

198mph. 996 - 2005: 2005MY - Significant developments: The 911 Turbo S makes a return and signals

the beginning of the end for the 996. 450hp and PCCB come as standard.